When we nourish and sustain ourselves, we nourish and sustain the businesses we run

We provide high-achieving professionals like you, fresh new ways to engage and manage your work-life. We teach strategies to sustain and strengthen yourself at work, so you can enjoy success without losing yourself in the process.

We use research and proven techniques to create tools and approaches that empower and deeply support you at work. Whether it’s coaching, workshops, online training, books, or articles – you’ll find resources here to meet your needs. We focus on results that provide benefits for both your work life and personal life: increased strength, resilience, energy, honed relationship skills, clarity, and confidence. Our strategies are designed to fully support you in sustaining your success – at work, home and in our community.


  • You Are As Important As the Work You Do
  • Work Boundaries Provide Structure and Sustainable Success
  • How You Engage With Your Work Matters
  • Tending to Your Needs Creates Value and Benefits For Your Organization
  • Healthy Work Relationships are Supportive, not Depleting
  • Our World Benefits When People Work From Wholeness
Work Boundaries




I was searching for support early in my career and couldn’t find many resources. Wellness programs often lacked depth, stress management classes fell short, and while yoga studios and meditation halls offered temporary relief – there weren’t any guideposts in place to apply the deeper parts of these practices for high-stress corporate environments. So I created them.

I started The Integration Group to give you what I was searching for in my career: a way to make work-life both sustainable and successful. Back then, I needed to learn how to see and treat myself as an equal priority to the actual work I was doing. No matter how respected or successful we are, if our workloads are unmanageable, our energy stores drained, or we find ourselves rushing to relax or challenged to unwind – our work will eventually become unfulfilling. We see this in employee burnout, job dissatisfaction, and high levels of stress at work that is transferred to the home and our communities.  Our goal is to support you in burning bright. We believe the world needs more bright lights – more strong and healthy leaders and community members. We are here to help you find joy and meaning in your work life as much as you do in your personal life. We do this because when we nourish and sustain ourselves, we nourish and sustain the businesses we run.

– Woodrie Burich