Coaching, Workshops and Retreats for you and your company

We thrive in corporate environments because it’s where we come from. All our programs are designed and built to be implemented directly in the workplace. 

We offer tools and trainings in three key areas: Work Boundaries, Awareness & Self-Care. These are the keys to sustainable and thriving work-lives. Taken individually, each of these components can provide powerful insights that remove stress and unravel the common patterns that make our work-lives unsustainable. Integrating these and implementing them as a whole is life changing. 


We teach the science and strategies behind sustaining teams by providing tools and techniques that empower them. The results are stronger team engagement, improved teamwork and relationship building skills, clarity and confidence for improved decision making, as well as enhanced creative skills. Common topics we speak to include

  • Leadership Mindsets
  • Resilience in the Workplace 
  • Sustainable Success Strategies
  • Work Boundaries
  • Self-Care & More


We love motivational speaking and enjoy bringing engaging, thought provoking topics. We incorporate the latest research to empower your teams with work-life support tools to reduce stress, enhance communication, and improve creativity. We incorporate a host of techniques and introspection tools designed to shift a team’s awareness, improve engagement and perspective in their work-lives.


Coaching is corporate magic. Truly. There is no real way to explain it, except to experience it. We offer one-on-one coaching, and group coaching services. If you want to check it out – call us for a personal session. 


We offer trainings and seminars and have spoken nationally at conferences and multiple corporate events. Highlights include The International Symposium for Contemplative Studies in Boston, The Leadership Summit hosted by the Foraker Group, and local community workshops and events for organizations such as the Alaska Women’s Leadership Forum, and the Alaska Tribal Administrators Association. Sample presentations include:

  • The Roots of Resilience – Self-Care, Connection & Courage
  • Uncovering Our Strength – Space, Time and Freedom through Boundaries 
  • Cultivating Creativity – Creating Space in Our Work Lives
  • Rushing to Relax – The Problem with Waiting to Unwind
  • Empowering Ourselves and Avoiding Exhaustion: Self-Care for Working Parents
  • The Purposeful Pause and Other Tools That Support You at Work 
  • Mindfulness for Modern Management
  • Sustainable Success – Nourishing Ourselves through Work