Collectively, we have been through much the past few months. These past few weeks have been particularly heartbreaking, challenging, and difficult to witness. The causes and reflection of our collective pain is rising, especially pain experienced by people of color. I’ve been reflecting lately on trauma. Individual and collective. Mine. […]
We are in a moment of unknown. This applies to our immediate families, close communities, the wider community, our neighbors and world. It can be difficult to focus and stay steady at such times.  Our minds may be racing with scattered thoughts, concerns and fears, or we may feel frustration […]
It can be challenging at times – juggling work and life. Our Team met over coffee and tea last week at Steam Dot and we laughed about our own challenges in cultivating balance. We discussed our efforts and how we connect to full and meaningful use our time. The Integration Group brainstorms […]
The front of my refrigerator is a well-loved canvas. Crayon colored pictures cover nearly every bit of silver to be found – no doubt, a common scene for parents everywhere. However, in the upper left-hand corner, it holds a drawing of my own. It’s a simple picture of a house, […]
Crossroads. Careers have these critical moments – when we need to decide on a course of action that will have a greater impact on us than normal. Usually, these moments feel important, and may even cause angst or stress. These times tend to feel a bit heavier than normal and […]
Your company should be able to function without you. Whether you are just starting out in your career, or if you are the CEO, you should be able to take breaks, and take them often. The good news – is that if you are consistently overworking – this offers a […]
Sometimes, it’s unrealistic not to work on vacation. It is true that certain positions and situations require that we check-in (e.g. contract negotiations/project deadlines slip; you hold an upper-level management position; or you work in a workaholic-type business culture that doesn’t support you fully unplugging). Just remember – the goal […]
Unplugging on vacation is a true gift to the companies we work for. Empowering employees to unplug is one of the best ways to identify gaps within an organization for minimal cost. It helps identify the value of employees (sometimes overlooked) and simultaneously shows where cross-training still needs to occur. […]
To really recharge on vacation, we need to fully detach from work. This requires preparation and planning – the value of which cannot be overstated. Part of what keeps us tied to our jobs, is our inability to prepare for our departure. If we haven’t planned for our departure and return, […]
The challenge is we don’t stop – we just keep going. We have learned to work through stressors and pain. Many of us work late into the evenings, run back-to-back meetings, and carry significant stress in our bodies. And we do this Every. Single. Day. We are fatigued and exhausted – leaving […]



These tools are a culmination of my 20-year search for myself and I want to offer them to you. It’s what I needed when I started out. I offer all these base teachings for free through my blogs, private Facebook Group and community presentations . Stay tuned for updates as we go!

Also, if you like what you see and want more – there are multiple options. Whether it’s coaching, classes, workshops, books or articles, we offer it all. Also, an extra plus is that all our fees help us give back to our community too – so you can feel good and we can feel good too. 

So let’s do this! Let’s redefine work and our relationship with it. Let’s enjoy a bit more and stress a bit less. Let’s find a way to engage with our workload without exhausting ourselves so we can give back to ourselves, our families and our communities without being depleted at the end of our day. Let’s find a way to keep our lights burning a bit longer and a bit brighter – because we could use it. And the world could use it too.

-Woodrie Burich & The Team